About Us

Windows are one of the most important considerations on almost any craft both in terms of safety and design. Whilst we are very aware of our resposibility to safety both on the open seas and in often treacherous estuaries, we always try to give the best advice and information specific to your requirements.

We have been supplying windows for Police, Fire Fighting, Commercial and Defence craft both at home and all around the world for over thirty years. We are proud of our quality and our company policy of offering a quality product and service at a competitive price.

Windows, doors and windscreens are built in our factory by our own workforce who have many years experience behind them. Each window is custom made, and all are inspected before despatch.

Many of our products have unique design features introduced to improve performance and cut out any problems. The track used in sliding and half-drop windows is made from poly-vinyl carbonate which helps ensure smooth gliding even when wet and, unlike canvas etc, it will not ruck, rot or grow moss. The hinges for hinged or canal windows are constructed from glass reinforced nylon with an EN58 stainless steel rod. This gives an incredibly strong hinge which will not corrode. The quadrants that hold the window open are designed to give strength and not protrude. The screw-downs all have knobs which are sized for easy handling and have a specially designed seal to prevent leaks.

Our clamp section was originally designed for the Dutch and German markets where it is very popular on steel and aluminium boats. Now, with the addition of further inner rings, it is used on wall thicknesses up to 40mm in any material. The main advantage of the clamp system is that there is no need to drill holes to fix the windows. This saves a considerable amount of time and also prevents any problems caused by having mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel in close contact. The inner ring fits neatly in to the outer frame and is secured with M4 or M3 machine screws making this incredibly easy to fit in to your craft.

We hope you find the information on this website useful. However, if you have any queries or require and advice, please telephone us or email us and we will do our utmost to help you. Should you wish to visit us, we would be happy to see you at our factory so that we can show you our range of products first hand.